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Providing a favorable background on which women of Turkey can utilize their knowledge
and abilities in contribution to the development of the existing political, social and
economic systems in this country,
Contributing to the development and strengthening of democracy, the rule of law, and
respect to human rights and fundamental freedoms through protection of women’s
Establishing a collective consciousness in society on women’s rights and equal
opportunities for balancing the domestic and social roles of women,
Taking on as a category of interest every area that gives meaning to life in relation to
women and family; from health, law, and environment to arts, sports, media and moral
Supporting women in becoming productive individuals in the domestic, economic,
social, and cultural lives,
Fighting With Every Kind of Violence Against Everyone, without gender discrimination,
Supporting organized civil society movement in their efforts related to democratic
reforms, civil rights and human rights of women,
Within this framework, KADEM aims to encourage, to conduct and to disseminate
research, analysis and publication in women’s issues by supporting women’s active
participation in socio-cultural, economic and political arenas, by developing projects
and activities targeting professional development of women and supporting
development of awareness among women on their democratic rights.