The Final Declaration of the 3rd Gender Justice Congress organized by KADEM has been issued.

KADEM organized The 3rd International Gender Justice Congress: Women and Family at İstanbul Commerce University Sütlüce Conference Hall on March 7, 2017 in cooperation with İstanbul Commerce University. The congress discussed a number of current challenges like continuity of the generations, violence, child abuse, working life of women, man in the family and fatherhood, immigration, war and immigration and child abuse in cyber world and offered solutions to these challenges. An overview of the conclusions and suggestions is as follows:

  • It has been realized that the categories of “man” and “woman” only are not sufficient to analyze the family; defining the family with a content focusing only on women shall preclude the liabilities of the men and it is imperative to form a “humanity” language that shall touch upon and emphasize the roles of men and women simultaneously in the reformation of the family. Men and women are not rivals but partners.
  • We are unable to find solutions to problems with regards to family, women, men and children in the society by disregarding the cultural and values systems. Thus, it is assumed that it will be much simpler to settle these problems by protecting the value codes that make Turkey Turkey as well as by eradicating the social forms and cultural components that are likely to cause problems.
  • Our society has gotten stuck in the tension between the traditional and modern with regards to family. Making the meaning codes available in the undersets of the society determinant again shall help remove the congestion.
  • Religion is a significant determinant in the meaning codes of Turkish society.
  • It becomes more of an issue to bring the functional roles of the religion into question with regards to family and to feed the educational, social and cultural infrastructures for this end in removing the social anonymity on family.
  • Differentiating from the meaning world where the religion, traditions and values are determinant as well as efforts to form a new meaning by placing the greed and desires in the core are the main sources of the problems in various spheres of the society. This causes an atmosphere of violence and conflict starting from the family and expanding towards the society.
  • Rapidly evolving technology plays a negative role in the decline of the family structure. Political, cultural and educational measures are to taken to prevent the negative effects of these devices.
  • Education holds the primary role in preparing a society for the future. Family is the core and forefront of the education. Necessary political and civil measures are to be implemented in order to regain this determinant function to the family.
  • Immigration, wars and refugees have impacts not only along Turkey but worldwide. The results of these a considerable number of people influence negatively. However, it is women and children who suffer most. The issue is to remain on the agenda globally first and actions and activities are to be initiated in local and international levels, especially by NGOs, in order to settle the challenges.
  • Family is also exposed to an alteration of structure. The further activities are to focus on the restructuring the family as the upper determinant of our meaning codes and values.

Pursuing the discourse that shall create a synergy by not disregarding the culture and traditions of our country but by melting the shared values of the people in the same pot, KADEM celebrates March 8 Women’s Day and declares that the problems of the humanity without distinction to any language, religion, color, race and belief do also matter KADEM. KADEM is also aware that it holds an immense potential in solving the problems of families, women, men and children.

Respectfully announced to the public.