Winners of

Recognized by EFQM Certificate and Türkiye Excellence Awards

which are considered the most prestigious awards in the business world

were announced.

The 2022 Türkiye Excellence Awards Ceremony took place at the end of the 31st Quality Congress held at Kocaeli Congress Palace on 22-23 November with the theme of “Beyond Risk: Justice in Science, Sector, and Society”.

The award ceremony, which was followed by participants from the worlds of business, science, academia, and media, was organized by the Turkish Quality Association (KalDer), which is the country representative of the European Quality Management Foundation (EFQM). Guests eagerly waited for the announcement of the results of the Türkiye Excellence Awards, which have been given for 30 years to organizations that implement the EFQM Model. At the end of the evaluation made by the Türkiye Excellence Award Jury, KADEM was awarded the EFQM 4 Star Recognized by EFQM Certificate for Outstanding Performance.

By receiving the 4-star certificate at the 2022 Türkiye Excellence Awards Ceremony held at Kocaeli Congress Palace, KADEM became one of the few Turkish NGOs with this certificate. President of the Board of Directors of KADEM Dr. Saliha Okur Gümrükçüoğlu took the 4-star certificate on behalf of the association. Gümrükçüoğlu said at the ceremony, “We take a justified gratification in moving our women’s rights work one step further with the EFQM model.”

Congratulating award-winning institutions and organizations, President of the Board of Directors of KalDer Yılmaz Bayraktar stated, “I sincerely congratulate the institutions which won the award by properly completing the award process and wish them success in the sustainable development journey as the pioneers of excellence culture in our country. I wish these awards would inspire our institutions which have not met the EFQM model yet and draw on a new beginning for them.”

Carried out by the Turkish Quality Association (KalDer), the “Validated by EFQM” Program refers to an excellence journey for organizations that goes up to 7 stars. As a result of annual assessments, organizations that make significant progress in performance criteria are given certificates from “Validated by EFQM” as the first step till “Recognized by EFQM”.

Adopting this program that has an important role in the dissemination of excellence culture in business and life, 300 organizations have applied to Türkiye Excellence Award by this time. 33 organizations received the Grand Prize, 68 received the Prize, and 8 received the Continuity in Excellence Prize.

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