The fuse of the civil war in Syria was ignited when 15 children aged between 9 and 15 wrote “We want freedom, we want democracy” on a school wall in Darr. From that day, those children, if they survived, have lost their parents, their homes and their land.

If a child falls in front of you, wouldn’t you give them your hand? If someone slapped the woman standing next to you would you merely look the other way?  Repeated bombings have left children severely injured, perhaps taking the chance to walk again away from them. Are we remaining silent simply because this is happening somewhere far away? The people of East Aleppo are struggling to continue to live under inhumane conditions where hospitals, schools, water and electricity are all being destroyed. Civilians are now the targets for mass murderers who are wearing military uniforms. Will you continue to denounce this in a hushed whisper?

The price that has been paid for watching this war unravel over the past 5 years is the death of over 500 thousand PEOPLE! It is clear that the UN does not and will not act in line with its mission. It is for this reason that we are calling on you. You are able to save thousands of civilians, the lives of innocent women and children; why are you hesitating? We are calling on everyone to take action for the tragedy in Aleppo and to help put right this disgraceful disaster, one of the greatest in human history, and one which is the creation of international politics!