The Women 20 Summit, an initiative of the G20 consisting of 19 countries that are among the world’slargest economies, and the European Union Commission, aims to empower women in the economic field with the goal of fostering an inclusive economy.

The G20 is held under the presidency of a different member country each year, and the Republic of Indonesia held the presidency for the year 2022.

The W20 Summit was held in partnership with the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Turkish delegation, including KADEM, went to Indonesia, where the W20 Summit was held in July. The summit took place between 18 and 21 July, with highlights including side-events and cultural activities, as well as intensive delegate meetings. The official communique, which was prepared during delegate meetings throughout the year and finalized at the summit, was presented to G20 Co-Sherpa Edi Prio Pambudi, to be shared with world leaders at the G20 Summit. The Turkish Delegation at W20 also met Prof. Dr. Aşkın Asan, Turkey’s Ambassador to Jakarta.

Established in 2015 under the presidency of Turkey, the W20 aims to

  • strengthen the position of women in the economic field,
  • address gender-related inequalities affecting participation in this field,
  • increase the rate of women’s participation in the labor force,
  • and eliminate wage gaps between men and women.

The agenda items of the W20 also include encouraging female entrepreneurship, ensuring that women take leadership positions in the public field and business world, and socio-economic issues such as health and education.

The Turkish Committee at the W20 consists of three non-governmental organizations:

  • The Women and Democracy Association,
  • The Turkish Business Women’s Association,
  • and the Woman Entrepreneurs Association.

Each institution chooses its own delegates and sends them to the summit each year as part of the Turkish delegation. Delegates represent the views of their countries on relevant issues and contribute to the summit in this regard. For this reason, delegates are selected from among people who are pioneers in the field of women’s rights in their home countries, and/or who have worked in this field.

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