Religious Values are Very Important in Family Life

At the sessions which were held within the scope of the Third International Women and Justice Summit, the developments in different areas for the purpose of strengthening the family institution, successful examples and the determinations and solution offered in relation to ongoing problems were discussed.

The theme of “Religion as the Unifying Power of Family” was addressed.

At the session which was moderated by Prof. Dr. Huriye Martı, the Deputy Director of Religious Affairs, significant views in relation to religion and family were shared.

Having stated that religion brings significant contributions to the constitution of a strong family pattern, Prof. Dr. Huriye Martı stated “Healing and constructive role of religion is undeniable. The power of religion to unify and protect the family is manifested by a number of legal and moral rules. Perception and interpretation by people of religion may sometimes be contrary to its purpose. We can never accept people who commit acts of domestic violence and justify them by evoking religion ”.

There is a connection between quality of life and religious values

Having stated that religious values facilitate certain behaviors, Prof. Dr. Dariusz Krok of Opole University added:

“Today, we cannot perceive the value of religion in our social and cultural life especially in the western world. Religious and moral values play a significant role in establishing family relationships, developing the values, social support, solidarity and parent-child relationships.”

Ieasha Prime, the Women Affairs Director of Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center stated in her speech at the session that, Islam represent both physical and spiritual development. Ieasha Prime stated “Religion must find a place in the modern civilization. If we consider religion as a relic, the soul of men will reject it and take it for granted. Koran has been a living miracle. Islam has always brought a solution.

There is a connection between social reality and the sacred

Dr. Şule Albayrak, faculty member of Faculty of Theology of Marmara University stated “Religion has a very significant role in creating a framework of reasonability for social reality.

Having specified that religion plays a role in the prevention of chaos and anomalies, Dr. Şule Albayrak stated “There is a connection between human social reality and the sacred. Family is very important in all religions. Family is a sacred institution in Islam as well. This is mentioned in many verses of the Koran and teachings of our prophet. When somebody asked our prophet “for whom should I do a favor my dear Messenger of Allah”, he replied for 3 times “for your mother” and then “for your father”. It is very remarkable that religion attributes holiness to the family and establishes a bond between this world and the other world ”.

Families are being forced to change

Lia Galici, who introduced herself as member of the  Christian family, a mother and businesswoman stated:

A married couple is obliged to solve their problems. In Christianity, there is a law which regulates the relationships of people with each other. The Christian concept of family may be perceived in today’s atmosphere as outdated and old school. Christian families continue to resist against the impacts which force it to change. The Church is worried about the family which is the most valuable cell of the social structure. Whereas the marriage contract is regarded as one of the most important landmarks in human contracts, unsuccessful marriages also mean spiritual failure.

Having specified in his speech at the session that the disruptions in the family structure, today arise from omissions, the High Priest Tatul Anuşyan added the following:

“Education is entrenched into the soul. Teaching on the other hand addresses the mind. Mother is both the head and the teacher of family. Mother both teaches the first prayer and holds the family together. While striving to complete our spiritual development, we are ignoring our religious values. Religion is one of the most significant values which hold the family together. In this context, we must not follow the cultures that we presume to be contemporary. Earthquake resistance buildings are mentioned in our country. I know nothing about those buildings. But I know how resistant our family structure is. Because, the architect of that structure is a woman.”

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