Our Visions 2015-03-12T17:24:10+00:00

We embrace the vision of being a civil society organization which
In line with our mission, establishes a think-tank with leading women in society working
in different areas and with different expertise, helps the women of Turkey to preserve
their unique values and to reach a level that would render them capable of competing
with women of the world at national and international platforms,
Is capable of enriching and easing the life of women with the solutions it generates,
Ensures that women are active individuals not only in domestic but also in the social,
cultural, political and economic arenas,
Facilitates involvement in international cooperation with its activities related to
education and women in Turkey,
Brings national and international dimension to women’s democratic rights through
cooperation with agencies and Institutions,
Provides equal opportunities to social segments composed predominantly of
disadvantaged women,
Ensures the promotion of women studies and dissemination of socio-cultural values in