KADEM launches ‘Women in Innovation’ project

Jan. 27, 2016 - İSTANBUL KADEM launched a project named “Women in Innovation” Entrepreneurship Project aiming to help women to transform their ideas in technology and innovation into solif business plans and to become enterpreneurs with these ideas. The project was implemented in cooperation with Marmara University Techno-Park, and affiliated institution to the Scientific and [...]

KADEM launches ‘Women in Innovation’ project2016-04-15T17:43:02+03:00

Local Administration Certificate Program

In order to ensure that qualified and well-informed women candidates will participate in the local elections and take an active role on the local political stage, a joint project with the Istanbul Commerce University and Marmara City Council Union, KADEM presented the “Local Administration Certificate Program”.  

Local Administration Certificate Program2015-03-12T19:43:58+02:00


KADEM held two “Women's Leadership Training” sessions, one on May 31, 2014 and the other June 1, 2014. The sessions ran between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. with the purpose of increasing the participants’ self-awareness, enabling them to look at life in a more positive light and helping them to generate solutions to the problems [...]

WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP TRAINING2015-03-12T19:40:28+02:00

Training Women Candidates

On 22 February, 2014, KADEM organized “Training for Female Candidates in Local Administrations” aimed at providing training for almost 100 women council assembly candidates. In addition to this training provided by KADEM, aimed at educating Female Candidate Members of the Council Assembly prior to the2014 elections, emphasis was also placed on the importance of female [...]

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Training in the Legal Rights of Women

In an attempt to highlight the issues facing women in the light of fundamental rights and freedom, KADEM organized “Training in the Legal Rights of Women” to inform women of the legal regulations that make women’s lives easier. As a pilot scheme, KADEM began to provide training and education in specific districts of Istanbul at [...]

Training in the Legal Rights of Women2015-03-12T19:35:34+02:00
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