First coming to the fore at the G-20 summit held in 2014 in Australia, but not implemented at that time, the Women20 was again brought to the agenda at the B-20 meeting, which was held in Turkey in 2015 when Turkey was G-20 president and brought together the leading business corporations and industrial organizations from G20 countries , and it was implemented in the same year with the aim of empowering women in business.  As a result of elections held in April 2015, the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM), Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) and Turkish Business Women’s Association (TIKAD) were elected members of the W20 Turkey committee.

Based on the question, “What can we do to empower women in business world?”, the W20 deals with gender-related injustice and inequality in regards to the involvement of women in the economic field. Besides, it covers objectives to increase the rate of involvement in labor of women and the elimination of gender-related wage differences between men and women.

The agenda items of the W20 include encouraging female entrepreneurship, ensuring that women take leadership positions in the public field and business world, increasing digital involvement, as well as several socio-economic issues such as social, political, health and education.

After the presidency of Turkey, W20 Women activities have been performed in China, Germany, Argentina, Japan and Saudi Arabia. KADEM attends W20 meetings each year through its delegates and contributes to its joint declarations.


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