Effect of Conflicts and Poverty on Family was Discussed

Having given a speech at the session which addressed the “Effect of Conflicts and Poverty on Family ” at the Third International Women and Justice Summit, the Theologist Sabiha Husic stated that 50 thousand women and girls have been subjected to sexual abuse during war.

The Third International Women and Justice Summit, which was jointly organized by the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM) and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, was held in Istanbul at Grand Cevahir Hotel based on the main theme of “Strengthening of the Family Institution

At the parallel sessions which were held within the scope of the Summit, the developments in different areas for the purpose of strengthening the family institution, successful examples and the determinations and solution offered in relation to ongoing problems were discussed.

The session addressing the “Effect of Conflicts and Poverty on Family ” was directed by Reem Abu Hassan, former Minister of Social Development of Jordan. Having stated that they have many strategies which they implement in Jordan, Hassan stated “As the governments, we must solve poverty, violence and social problems. The poor are deprived of many things. They are suffering and being accused. Victims of violence are generally the poor. We must solve these problems by finding short-term solutions instead of long-term solutions.

We have provided safe houses for women and children who suffered during war

Having emphasized that the civil society movement has started in Bosnia after war, the Theologist Sabiha Husic stated: “I represent an organization named Medica Zenitsa. Our aim is to eliminate the traumas caused by war. First of all, we have provided safe houses for women and children. Some women and children have chosen to remain within the family. For this reason, we have started providing psychological counseling services. Thousands of women have lost their family. They were obliged to become bread winners. For this reason, we have started providing vocational assistance courses. We have established a phone line for domestic violence. The survivors have received treatment in order to overcome the problems with the assistance of families. We have established a good cooperation with the governmental bodies. 50 thousand women and girls have been subjected to sexual assault. Approximately 3 thousand men have also been subjected to sexual assault. If we want strong women, strong families and a strong state, we must raise the voice of women. Bosnian women have provided a lot of support to this process. They have conveyed their terrifying experiences all around the world. The criminals have been punished for the offenses of sexual assault and rape during war.

We will not leave behind any family

Having stated that we can construct the future that we want if and only if families have prosperity, Dr. Deisi Kusztra Weber, the President of World Family Organization stated: “We are the advocates of families. What is important is not to leave behind anybody. We will not leave behind any family. This is on the agenda of the program for 2030. Issues such as justice and cooperation are very important for us. Poverty must be eliminated and welfare of families must be ensured. For this, we must meet the educational deficit and eliminate hunger. We must eliminate health problems. For these, orderly working conditions must be provided. These strategies will bring an end to poverty. But these must necessarily be dealt with on local ground. Because families are at the local level. Fight against poverty and for family welfare is a fight which is carried out by the whole society.

There are 5 million Palestinian refugee families in the world

Having emphasized that human rights and women’s rights are not mutually exclusive, Dr. Ali Khashan, former Minister of Justice of Palestina stated “family is the main building block of the society. But in practice, we see that it remains a theory, and the human rights declaration remains unfulfilled. Many migrant families have become obliged to leave America due to Trump’s policy. They have separated families from each other. This is a circumstance which is in breach of all the international conventions and laws. Palestinians on the other hand have been forced to migrate to other countries starting from 1948. There are 5 million Palestinian refugee families in the world. According to UN, Palestinian migrants have a different status. They receive aid from all around the world. However, these aids have decreased during the recent period. The territories where they live are going to be left to Jews. America maintains it support. The biggest problem of refugees is double standard. Europe does not keep its word in relation to Syrian refugees. We witness the double standard everywhere. Palestinians are being killed, they are under attack. It is not a question of talking about human rights in length, they must be put into action. The pains endured are giving hope on the other hand. God gives the hope for the future despite that much pain.”

We must increase social protections

Having stated that one of the different methods of reducing economic difficulty is social protection, Dr. Zitha Mokomane stated “Social protection in the world is below the 50 percent threshold. This rate is far less in Africa. To have stable and functional families, we must ensure national development. Family has a role in economic and social strengthening. Another role is its spiritual role. Thus, physical and emotional needs of families must be protected. Their contribution to the workload must be ensured.

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