EU-TR Civil Network for
Women in Politics

The EU-Turkey Civil Network for Women in Politics Project supported under the Civil Society Dialogue III Grant Scheme between the European Union and Republic of Turkey has been implemented in a partnership between the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations of Belgium (FEMYSO) and the Council for Justice, Equality and Peace of France.  Under this 12-month project, the objective is to improve the competence of Turkish Non-governmental Organizations as to the role and strength of the non-governmental organizations in the European Union political arena, and to organize programs for active involvement of women in politics by creating a network of participating women from non-governmental organizations. The Women and Politics Training Curriculum was developed under the project. This training aims at introducing the social foundations of political processes and facts to participants, thus creating a gender-oriented point-of-view as to the nature, types and results of interaction between the individual, civil society and the state. As a result of the project, a sustainable partnership and network mechanism have been established between Turkish and European non-governmental organizations as to the involvement of women in politics. (Project result book, but only half of the pdf is in English and the beginning is in Turkish. The Turkish part should be deleted and only the remaining English part should be uploaded)