EU-TR Civil Network for
Women in Politics

The EU-Turkey Civil Network for Women in Politics Project supported under the Civil Society Dialogue III Grant Scheme between the European Union and Republic of Turkey has been implemented in a partnership between the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations of Belgium (FEMYSO) and the Council for Justice, Equality and Peace of France. Under this 12-month project, the objective is to improve the competence of Turkish Non-governmental Organizations as to the role and strength of the non-governmental organizations in the European Union political arena, and to organize programs for active involvement of women in politics by creating a network of participating women from non-governmental organizations. The Women and Politics Training Curriculum was developed under the project. This training aims at introducing the social foundations of political processes and facts to participants, thus creating a gender-oriented point-of-view as to the nature, types and results of interaction between the individual, civil society and the state. As a result of the project, a sustainable partnership and network mechanism have been established between Turkish and European non-governmental organizations as to the involvement of women in politics.

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