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Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you all know, March is recognized as the month of International Women’s Day on March 8th.
At this month there is extensive conversation about women’s issues and rights are talked about.

And we are here today to raise awareness about the hardships women face in disasters and wars globally.

But even the injustice of oppression is unfair to women. Since October 7, over 9,000 Palestinian women have passed away. Unfortunately, this is a recurring tragedy for Palestinian women. The countless women are caught (kaut) in areas of war and conflict all over the world.

For far too long, Palestinian women have endured generations of systematic genocide. This is a malice that transcends mere violence, in what has become the world’s largest death camp.

On the platform behind me is a Palestinian flag made with tatreez, the symbolic handicraft of Palestinian women.

Each scarf you take from this platform represents a woman who was killed in Palestine.

As a symbol of our sympathy for them, I would like those who have not yet taken one of these scarves, to do so.

We will never forget the Palestinian women.
We do not remain silent in the face of this injustice.
We want to Show that there are unbreakable bonds among women of the world.

For the last five months, we have all become live observers and witnesses of genocide.

The victims of the genocide had to broadcast their deaths in real time to convince the world.

Yes, the entire world is horrified to witness such great destruction.

People have been suffering all forms of unimaginable evil.
Children, newborns are dying from starvation and dehydration.

It is not just Gaza that is being bombed; it is also the universal values that people have shared for thousands of years.
Each bomb falls on- every single one of us.

On the other hand, if there is one thing we can be proud of today, it is that people all around the world have vehemently opposed this attack.
For months, there have been protests in the east, west, South, and north.

AND This shows us that the true children of light are those who demand peace.

We are at a historic moment,
a vital turning point,
a crossroads.

There are two paths that we may walk together:
either we choose the right side of history and

or we choose to be silent partners of genocide.

We have made our decision.

We have decided to stand on the right side of history in support of honorable Palestinian women.
We urge everyone around the world to stand in solidarity with Palestinian women.

We want everybody to know that:

Palestinian people are not the only victims of Israel’s genocide. The dignity of Humanity is this genocide’s the other victim.

And protecting the dignity of humanity is the collective responsibility of everyone regardless of race and religion.

Stand with Gaza.

Free Palestine.

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