KADEM is going to hold a congress with Sakarya University and a symposium with Necmettin Erbakan University on December.

Women and Democracy Association is going to hold a congress and a symposium on December at two different universities. The theme of congress and symposium is “WOMAN”.


“International Congress on Women Researches” in collaboration with Sakarya University is between the dates 11-13 December.

The main topics of the congress are determined as: Women and Justice; Women and Politics; Women and Violence; Women and Leadership; Women and Entrepreneurship; Women and Art; Women and Gender Mainstreaming; Women and Media; Women and Religion; Women and Health; and Women and Technology.

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“Internationally-attended Social Life and Women Symposium” in collaboration with Necmettin Erbakan University is on 21-22 December.

The main topics of the symposium are determined as:

Conceptual Approaches to Gender Justice

Relation between Women and Religion in Period of Social Change

Methods for Struggling with Violence against Women

Women Rights in International Law and Execution

Women’s Status in the World and in Turkey and NGOs

Women in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Women Health in Unity of Spirit, Body and Mind

Women’s Changing Social Role and Family Life

Problems Women Face in Working Life

Commodifying Women and the Media

Women’s Participation in Decision-Making Mechanisms and Politics

Being Women in Academics

Women’s Participation in Labour Force and Women’s Employment

For detailed information about the symposium;


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