KADEM attended the W20 Meeting Organized under the Presidency of India

KADEM (Foundation for Women and Democracy), representing the Turkish delegation, attended the meeting of W20 organized in Jaipur under the Indian presidency.

The W20 (WOMEN 20), which brings together around a hundred delegates from 20 countries every year, has so far been organized under the G20 presidency of the following countries:

  • China,
  • Germany,
  • Argentina,
  • Japan,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Italy and Indonesia.
  • This year, India holds the W20 presidency.

In the W20 Türkiye delegation consisting of KADEM, KAGİDER and TİKAD, the committee chair takes turns. This year, KADEM is chairing the delegation of the W20 Türkiye Committee.

KADEM presented the “Women in Innovation Project” at the Kick-off Meeting.

In 2023, the W20 meetings started on  27 – 28 February 2023 under the leadership of India. The inaugural meeting in Aurangabad was the first time delegates met in person. At the meeting, KADEM Vice Chair Dr. Sevim Zehra Can Kaya contributed to the session titled “Transforming Last Mile Women – Nano, Micro and Startup Entrepreneurs” with KADEM’s “Women in Innovation Project” which has been ongoing since 2015.

KADEM represented Türkiye at the “International Delegates Meeting” in Jaipur

The second physical meeting under the Indian presidency took place in Jaipur on April 13-15 under the title “International Meeting of Delegates and Working Groups”. KADEM Board Member and Head of Delegation of W20 Türkiye Committee Dr. Nursem Keskin Aksay and Foreign Relations and Projects Specialist Nurbanu Küçük attended the meeting held in Jaipur to represent the Turkish Delegation.

The top five priority areas of work at the W20 kick-off meeting in India were as follows:

  1. Grassroots women’s leadership,
  2. Women entrepreneurship,
  3. Addressing digital gender inequality,
  4. Women as change agents in climate change,
  5. Creating training and skills development routes.

KADEM attended the meeting organized in Jaipur as a delegate to contribute to the relevant working groups and to represent the Turkish Delegation.

Until the W20 Summit which will take place on 15-16 June 2023, working groups will finalize their recommendations and draft a conclusion. The conclusions will be presented to the G20 Sherpa.

About W20

Women20 (W20), which was established under  Türkiye’s guidance in 2015 when Türkiye held the G20 presidency, is an initiative group that aims to increase the presence of women in business life. Centered around the question “What can we do to increase the effectiveness of women in the business world?”, the W20 addresses gender-related injustices and inequalities in women’s participation in the economic sphere. It also includes targets such as increasing women’s participation in the labor force and eliminating the gender pay gap between men and women.

Promoting women entrepreneurship, enabling women to take leadership positions in the public sphere and in business, increasing digital inclusion and a number of socio-economic issues such as social, political, healthcare and education are also on the agenda of the W-20. The W20 consists of around 100 delegates from 20 countries.

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