KADEM Files Criminal Complaint Regarding Israel

Dear Members of the Press,

Yesterday was December 10th, as you are all aware, the World Human Rights Day.

However, the world is witnessing an outrageous violation of human rights.

As a result of Israel’s heavy attacks on Gaza since October 7th, 18,000 people, mostly women and children, have lost their lives, and 50,000 people have been injured.

A great humanitarian tragedy is unfolding in Gaza. Phosphorus bombs, which are banned for use in warfare, are being used against innocent civilians.

Hospitals, among other residential areas, are still being bombed, preventing tens of thousands of injured individuals from accessing medical assistance.

More than a million Gazans are being forced to evacuate their homes. The escape routes are under heavy bombardment by Israel.

Throughout this process, deliberate obstacles are preventing Gazans from accessing the most basic human needs such as food, water, medicine, electricity, and fuel. Schools, mosques, churches, and refugee camps are being bombed.

Unfortunately, all of these are happening right before the eyes of the world.

As KADEM, since October 7th, we have raised our voice on every platform and expressed our strongest condemnation against Israel, which has been committing war crimes against humanity.

Today, we have filed a criminal complaint at the International Criminal Court against the Israeli government and military officials for the crimes committed by Israel.

We have submitted our criminal complaint petition to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, through the Ministry of Justice, to be conveyed to the International Criminal Court.

Our efforts to bring the State of Israel to trial before the International Court of Justice in The Hague continue.

In our criminal complaint petition;

We have requested the prosecution of relevant Israeli officials as we believe that all actions by Israel fall within the scope of WAR CRIMES under GENOCIDE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Through you, esteemed members of the press, we would like to address all conscientious individuals, institutions, and organizations worldwide:

An immediate ceasefire and the establishment of lasting peace must be ensured, and the unlawful attacks must be stopped without delay.

Urgent aid corridors must be opened for Gaza.

We also call on everyone with a conscience and a sense of responsibility to react, make international criminal complaints, and take urgent initiatives against the humanitarian tragedy unfolding in Gaza.

Respectfully announced to the public…

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