KADEM Organized “World Women’s Summit” In Collaboration With MUSIAD USA

March 13- 2018, New York

KADEM and MUSIAD realized the World Women Summit at Yale Club of New York in order to facilitate the active and fair participation of women in the business world and economy, and to propose solutions within the scope of America’s World Women’s Day.

Minister of Family and Social Policy, Fatma Betül Sayan, Chief Advisor of the Presidency, Gülnur Aybet, Chairman of Assoc. Dr. E. Sare Aydin Yılmaz, President Mustafa Tuncer of MUSIAD USA, CEO of Bridging Cultures Group, Debbie Almontaser, representatives of national and international NGOs and a number of distinguished guests attended.
MUSIAD USA President Mustafa Tuncer gave the opening speech of the World Women’s Summit on the roles and empowering of women in business life. Stressing that the income disparity between men and women is still remains in the international arena where women have been struggling for years, said that it is time for women to get the place that they deserve in the business life and in the economy.

“We stand in the face of discrimination against women with positive discrimination”

Speaking at the World Women’s Summit Minister of Family and Social Policy, Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, stated that the creation of sustainable policies to ensure gender equality requires support to women in ensuring their economic participation and enabling a secure and peaceful life for women, Sayan added; “Increasing women’s participation in the workforce is one of the goals we want to achieve. We support entrepreneurship for this and we stand in the face of discrimination against women with positive discrimination. ”

Speaking at the summit KADEM President Assoc. Dr. E. Sare Aydin said that in terms of rights and opportunities there is a big gap between men and women and that this gap should be closed as soon as possible for a truly equal and just society Aydin: “While women can provide a strong positive change in the world, they are prevented by discrimination, inequality and injustice. This is why we encourage women to have more access to opportunities and services. We believe that the International Women’s Summit, which we have organized, will be an effective and pioneering platform for women to improve their economic participation and socioeconomic status. We hope that women will have access to opportunities more easily. ”

“Women’s education is very important”

Bridging Cultures Group CEO Debbie Almontaser speaking after President Aydin talked about the importance of women’s education; “Women’s education is very important, and women who receive quality education can find the power to develop the world themselves,” he said.

The summit’s last speaker, Chief Advisor to the Presidency, Professor Dr. Gulnar Aybet, emphasized that in recent years important steps had been taken towards protecting and strengthening women and families in Turkey contiued to be taken, and added; “The support that women give to each other is very effective in terms of women enpowerment. Asking women what they want in their career, to understand their needs is the most important rule in empowering women. ”

The World Women’s Summit, held in New York in partnership with KADEM and MUSIAD, ended with a family photo taken to contribute to the fairer and stronger involvement of women in the business life and the economy.

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