Established on March 8, 2013, KADEM stands for Women and Democracy Association.

As KADEM, we are aiming to:

Provide a suitable background enabling our women to use their knowledge and skills efficiently in order to contribute to the development of the existing political, social and economic order in our country

Create a collective consciousness in the society regarding women’s rights and equality of opportunity for the sake of balancing domestic and social roles of women

Contribute to the development and reinforcement of democracy, rule of law and respect towards human rights and fundamental freedoms through protection of women’s rights

Consider every topic that gives meaning to life in relation to women and family such as health, law, environment, arts, sport, media and moral values within the field of study

Support women so that they could become productive individuals in domestic, economic, social and cultural lives

Support the activities of organized civil society related to civil rights of women, human rights and democratic reforms

Ensure active participation of women to the socio-cultural, economic and political life

Encourage, carry out and extend research, analysis and publication activities by carrying out projects and activities, which support raising awareness among women on their democratic rights and their professional development.