KADEM’S World NetworkBring Together NGO Representatives from Different Countries

The WORLD Network training program, held for the first time from October 8th to 15th, brought together civil society organizations from five different countries in Istanbul.

The goal of the program supported by TİKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency) is to enhance the capacities of international NGOs operating in the field of women’s rights. The full name of the program is “Women Rights, Leadership & Development Network – WORLD Network.”


This year, representatives from the following organizations participated in the program hosted by KADEM;

  • Medica Zenica from Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Tamkeen and Jerusalem Center for Women for Palestine,
  • Purple Lilly from Malaysia,
  • Federation of Ghana Muslim Women’s Associations from Ghana.

During the 7-day program, the representatives of NGOs in the network, engaged with experts in various fields, including;

  • Women rights
  • Violence against women,
  • Prevention of discrimination and human rights violations,
  • Advocacy,
  • Leadership,
  • Resource development.

In the areas essential to NGOs, ranging from lobbying to team management, and from resource development to volunteer management, a total of six different training sessions and two distinct workshops were organized.

Within the framework of program, the KADEM Women’s Support Center was visited as an exemplary case of good practice

In the Turkish Coffee Talk events, Dr. Esra Albayrak, Chairperson of the Nun Foundation Board, led a discussion on ‘Taking a Feminine Stand in Moments of Transformation,’ while Türkiye’s Ambassador to Kuwait, Tuba Nur Sönmez, engaged in a conversation on ‘Being a Woman in Diplomacy and Its Impact on Social Transformation.’

At the ‘Future of the Network’ meeting, the future functioning of the WORLD Network was discussed, and a short-term and long-term working schedule was established.

A pioneering initiative was undertaken for both KADEM and Türkiye through the WORLD Network, aiming to enhance the capacities of NGOs working on women’s issues in different countries around the world. The goal is to build a fair world where all women can live with dignity and in security.

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