KADEM calls for attention to Law No. 6284 on November 25th, advocating for a “Violence-Free Society and a Secure Future”

The Women and Democracy Association (KADEM) has organized a new campaign with the aim of raising public awareness against violence towards women. In commemoration of the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women” on November 25th, KADEM presented its campaign public service announcement to the press, delivering the message of a “Violence-Free Society and a Secure Future through Law No. 6284”.

The campaign, titled “Violence-Free Society, Secure Future” aims to promote public awareness about Law No. 6284. Law No. 6284 focuses on the protection of the family and the prevention of violence against women, outlining measures and principles for the protection of women, children, and family members at risk of or experiencing violence.

As part of its effort to bring attention to Law No. 6284, a provision often misunderstood or overlooked in society, KADEM joined forces with the Ministry of Family and Social Services to create a shared public service announcement. The campaign’s debut screening took place during a press conference on November 21st, where KADEM President Assoc. Prof. Saliha Okur Gümrükçüoğlu and board members shared in-depth insights about the initiative.

The 45-second film produced for the “Violence-Free Society, Secure Future” campaign breaks down the preventive and protective measures outlined in Law No. 6284 through relatable dialogues. Using the social media hashtag #ViolenceFreeSociety, the campaign is expected to reach a wider audience through digital platforms.

During the promotional event, KADEM President Assoc. Prof. Saliha Okur Gümrükçüoğlu emphasized that violence against women is a shared global issue. She highlighted KADEM’s decade-long commitment to advocacy as one of its most important areas of focus, working towards building a society where women can live with dignity and safety.

Gümrükçüoğlu discussed the details of the “Violence-Free Society, Secure Future” campaign, stating, “With the public service announcement we created, we focused on Law No. 6284, which is a significant achievement in recent years in combating violence against women. Law No. 6284 includes preventive measures against violence and protection for victims. Law No. 6284 encompasses preventive measures and safeguards for victims, with the overarching goal of protecting women, children, and family members at risk of or experiencing violence.” Emphasizing that Law No. 6284 is not a criminal law, Gümrükçüoğlu highlighted the preventive measures covered by the law. Finally, she invited everyone through the media to support the campaign with a sense of social responsibility.

In addition to the mandatory broadcast of the spot film addressing Law No. 6284, KADEM aims to expand the “Violence-Free Society, Secure Future” campaign through field and social media activities. With the contributions of its 53 branches nationwide, the organization plans to conduct screenings in public spaces, billboards, and digital screens, while Young KADEM volunteers will engage in on-site activities reminding the public of the law’s significance.

KADEM’s Previous November 25th Campaigns

Last year, KADEM focused on the issue of “persistent stalking”, a form of violence against women, using Law No. 5237 of the Turkish Penal Code as a basis and conveying the message “Hold on to the Law, the Law Protects You”. In previous years, KADEM organized campaigns such as “No Room for Violence”, “Do Not Turn a Blind Eye to Violence,” “You Have No Right to Violence”, and “Love and Violence Do Not Go Hand in Hand”, drawing attention to this international issue.

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