Robust and Connected Civil Society for Refugees

Robust and Connected Civil Society for Refugees is a project funded by the European Union under the Civil Society Support Program-II and conducted in partnership with Italy’s CEIPES Association.

The project aims at capacity building for the civil society organizations that operate in the field of refugees, provision of capacity-building training within this framework, establishment of a CSO network for cooperation between CSOs working in similar fields and building a consultation mechanism between public authorities and civil society groups.

Under the project, we reached a total of 214 CSOs in Istanbul and Gaziantep, and among them, 95 CSOs and 211 representatives participated in project events. In the public authorities sphere, 172 persons from 72 public authorities participated in project activities.

Under the project, associations operating in the field of refugees were provided with training on strategic plan development, advocacy, management of financial sources, human resources management, transparency, monitoring and assessment, and a consultation mechanism was established with public authorities.

The capacity-building training package was developed after field research and indicator deliverables are given below:

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