Second Chance for Colibri Birds
(2020- …)

The full title of the project coordinated by Gaziantep University and prepared for the Erasmus+ program in partnership with KADEM is the “Second Chance for Colibri Birds: Empowering and Increasing Capabilities Of Women”.

Under the project, the objective is to create digital training modules in fields such as “legal awareness and rights”, “digital marketing” and “occupational health and safety” where the basic competencies to support the involvement of women in business and social life are provided in cooperation with the university, municipalities and CSOs, and thus empower and increase the capabilities of women who are members of a cooperative or volunteers in civil society groups.

There are different local and international partners in the project: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Socio-Cultural and Economic Development Association, National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” from Greece, Associação Social Recreativa E Cultural Bem Fazer Vai Avante from Portugal, Mobilizing Expertise from Sweden, and Civic Computing Limited from the United Kingdom.

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