The Best Practices for Women Refugees Workshop Started in Italy

10 May 2016, Istanbul

The “Best Practices for Women Refugees” workshop organised by the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM) in cooperation with the European Union (EU) on 10-12 May in Vicenza in Italy within the scope of the “Women on the Move” project has started.

At the workshop which will be attended by KADEM External Relations Director Sezen Güngör, Member of the Board Betül Yanılmaz and External Relations Expert Zelal Günel, attendees from EU countries and Turkey will share their countries’ experiences on refugee integration policies for 3 days.

Women on the Move project is a part of the “Civil Society Dialogue” programme carried out jointly by the EU and Turkey. Aiming at increasing the dialogue, communication and the sharing of experience between the non-governmental organizations in the EU and Turkey, the programme is carried out within the scope of the partnership between the Turkish European Union Ministry and the Central Finance and Contracts Unit (MFİB).

The workshop organised by KADEM with the EUROCULTURA institute that conducts operations in Italy, and the International Refugee Rights Association as its partners, seeks to identify the tangible problems and needs of refugee women, and to create awareness on legislation which are applicable to refugee rights.

The project will be introduced on the first day of the workshop where a total of 11 NGOs will come together, 5 of which are from EU countries and 6 from Turkey, along with presentations on the state of refugees in Turkey, Italy, Germany, Sweden and UK.

On the second day of the workshop (11 May), Turkish and EU presentations which focus on the state of the refugees and immigrants in Greece, the refugee crisis on the Greek island of Lesbos, and the best practices of 5 experienced NGOs .

On 12 May Thursday, the last day of the workshop, 2 local NGOs in Vicenza will be visited for the purpose of refugee studies.

It was stated that the “Best Practices for Women Refugees” workshop constitutes the first leg of the work aiming at finding solutions for the refugee problem between the EU and Turkey, and that the next workshop of the project would be held in July in Istanbul.

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