The Education Workshop Held For Women Refugee At The Karaman Temporary Education Centre Was Completed

08 June 2017, Sakarya

Education Workshop seminars were held within the scope of the Social Integration Project intended for Syrian Women and their Families prepared as part of the cooperation between the Sakarya Representation Office of the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM) and the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality.

The integration of refugee women and their families was ensured as part of the project which was implemented, while an Education Workshop was launched for the purpose of contributing to their education. The “Culture and Harmony of Living Together,” “Family Communication for Refugee Mothers and Children” seminars were held.

KADEM Sakarya Province Representative Fatma Zehra Toçoğlu extended her thanks to the women refugee who showed great interest in the seminars, and stated that they would continue with the “Education Workshop” seminars which are aimed at contributing to the education of Syrian women for the purpose of ensuring social integration in the coming academic year.

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