The Seventh Issue of the Women’s Studies Journal was Published

1 August 2018, Istanbul

The seventh issue of the KADEM Women’s Studies Journal, which is Women and Democracy Association’s (KADEM) refereed and academic periodical journal, has been published.

KADEM Women’s Studies Journal which is a well-known academic journal that publishes research on gender and women’s studies,  aims at bringing together knowledge in various disciplines concerning women’s studies, and become an important channel for scientific studies in the field of women’s studies. It also aims at contributing to the shaping of policies for women by paving the way to quality discussions and studies.

The seventh issue of the KADEM Women’s Studies Journal includes an interview with Dr. Esra Albayrak, President of the Women’s Council for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), on the functions of the organization, and their activities and contributions with regards to women’s issues. Other than the interview, the journal also includes the study “Risky Behavior in University Students, and Parenting Styles Perceived as the Precursor of Emotion Regulation Difficulty” by authors Neslihan Arıcı Özcan and Eyüp Çelik, where they study the parenting styles perceived in university students, and the correlation between risky behaviour and difficulty in controlling emotion through the quantitative analysis they conduct.  In her article entitled “Wearing Headscarf and Labor Market Outcomes for Women in Turkey,” Zeynep Uğur examines whether the headscarf bans imposed for many years despite that most women in Turkey wear the headscarf created an obstacle in terms of the participation of women in the labor force. The article entitled “A Comparison of the Childcare Institution in Islamic Law with Current Practices” authored by Canan Tatar examines the childcare and custody concepts in Islamic Law, along with the scopes and natures of these concepts. The final article in the journal belongs to Hilal Yazıcı, and is entitled “Mediation in the Divorce Process with Respect to the Protection of Certain Rights: Expectation, Concerns and Suggestions.” In this article the author examines the mediation resolution method, which is important in the resolving disputes, within the scope of family law.

This issue of the Women’s Study Journal also includes the paper “Current Arrangements Regarding Digital Divorce: Practices of Various Countries” which was presented by Seldağ Güneş Peschke at the 4th Gender Justice congress held on 8 March 2018. In her presentation, Peschke examines the issue of digital divorce, which is a new subject in our country, in comparison to its implementation in Western countries.

The first review in the book review section of the journal is by Merve Topal on the book Erillik ve Din [Masculinity and Religion], written by Birsen Banu Okutan. Secondly, there is a review by Gülnur Külünkoğlu of Rashid al-Ghannusshi’S work Kur’an ve Yaşam Arasında Kadın [Woman between the Koran and Life] and the review by Fatma Ekinci of Pierre Bourdieu’s work Eril Tahakküm [Masculine Domination].

You can find the KADEM Women’s Study Journal on the TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM Social and Human Sciences Database. TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM establishes an interactive education and research network, which is open to new technologies, which connects corporate users to each other and to global computer networks.

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