“Women in Life” Stories Awarded“The Simplest Contest on Earth” Secures Top Spot

The recently held short story competition hosted by KADEM Art has unveiled its distinguished winners. With a theme centered around “Women in Life”, the competition witnessed a thrilling ceremony at Rami Library, where close to 700 narratives contended for recognition. KADEM President, Assoc. Prof. Saliha Okur Gümrükçüoğlu, Board Members, renowned literary figures, the esteemed jury, and participants were all present.

The contest organized by KADEM Art, an initiative committed to contributing noteworthy works in the realm of women, yielded the following outcomes:

  • Merve Kocaman’s tale, “The World’s Simplest Contest” clinched the first-place.
  • İbrahim Tekpınar’s narrative “Tray” claimed second position.
  • Sümeyye Çiftçi’s story “Hercules” was awarded third place.

The “Women in Life” Short Story Competition Awards Ceremony commenced with a film presentation about KADEM Art, followed by the opening speech by KADEM President Assoc. Prof. Saliha Okur Gümrükçüoğlu.

Highlighting that such competitions contribute to establishing stronger connections between women and art, Gümrükçüoğlu emphasized their importance as significant opportunities for young talents to discover and showcase their abilities. She also announced that the top 20 stories from the competition would be compiled into a book for literature enthusiasts.

The ceremony continued with the presentation of awards to the winners and honorable mentions for the stories “Snow White”, “Blue Car” and “Porter”. The event concluded with a group photo featuring KADEM Board Members, the jury, and participants.

The short stories in the “Women in Life” theme covered various subtopics such as:

  • Women,
  • Women’s rights,
  • Women’s role in society,
  • Responsibility sharing and women’s solidarity,
  • Women’s civil rights movements,
  • Women and justice,
  • Women’s access to equal opportunities.

KADEM, the Women and Democracy Association, organizes competitions annually in various categories, including photography, painting, screenplay, short film, and short stories, with the aim of illuminating various facets of women’s stories in different realms.

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