Women’s Team in Innovation Brings Dreams Beyond Borders to Take Off Istanbul

The heart of the entrepreneurial world beat at Take Off Istanbul. The KADEM Women in Innovation team participated in the Take Off Entrepreneurship Summit held at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center on December 5th and 6th.

Seed, early-stage, and growth-stage entrepreneurs took their places at the international entrepreneurship event attended by approximately 200 local and foreign entrepreneurs from 43 countries and more than 100 investors. KADEM was also present at the Take Off Entrepreneurship Summit, where entrepreneurial dreams come true, with its entrepreneurship program Women in Innovation has been ongoing for seven terms.

At this year’s event, the award ceremony, which took place with the participation of numerous local and international entrepreneurs, recognized several recipients across different categories. Entrepreneurs from KADEM’s Women in Innovation program were also honored with awards for their projects during the ceremony.

In the 7th term, Merve Şahin, one of our Women in Innovation entrepreneurs, secured a place among the 10 awarded entrepreneurs in the Selected Pre-Seed Startup category with her initiative, the early detection kit for tooth decay, Medglanis.

In the 8th term, our Women in Innovation entrepreneur, Merve Aydıner, won ASELSAN’s 500,000TL award and Farklabs’ ARYA ARPC Acceleration Program award with her initiative, Invamar.

As part of the summit, in the Best Women’s Entrepreneurship category, Zülal Tannur from KADEM’s Women in Innovation Program won the award with her initiative, From Your Eyes, and Pelin Keleş won with her initiative, Salty Energy.

Take Off Istanbul aims to turn Istanbul into a hub for technology ventures and investors, particularly in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia regions. Throughout the summit, presentations from entrepreneurs in seven different categories from various countries were featured.

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